First actual post! Progress so far?

455096188_ac701dafaeI’m in the middle of my GCSE year at the moment, and let’s just say I underestimated how hard writing this podcast and working my hardest at school would be.  It’s almost like this Podcast is another 2 GCSEs-ful of work, which is pretty draining.

But anyway!  I’ve finished 4.5 episodes out of 6, and I can definitely see the end.  Not long to go now!  In the sketches I’ve just written I might have to sing, so I’m trying to write something which won’t sound absolutely disgusting with my (mediocre) singing voice.  I was pondering writing one where I could rap but I decided the world wasn’t ready for that yet.

I know it’s annoying to see this at the end of a podcast but I’m an attention-craving teenager/struggling creative, so if you could mention this to your friends/enemies/whoever that would be great.  Even though I know you haven’t exactly got a lot to go on yet.

I’ll update here (something I’ve been scurrilously bad at I’m sorry to say) if any developments happen, and when I finish writing the whole thing!

Harry x



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