Getting a whiteboard? Publicising the podcast?

There’s been some progress finally!

I’ve all but finished the fifth episode and I’m already planning sketches for the sixth episode.  I’m planning them on individual A4 sheets blu-tacked (other adhesive putties are available) onto my wall, which I’m writing on with sharpie.  Except the sharpie has almost soaked through to my wall, so I’m buying a whiteboard.  I’m not sure what it is about a whiteboard, but somehow having a whiteboard in my room will make me feel so much more in control and able to plan stuff well.  Let’s be honest- for most sketches I just write down random jokes and try to work stuff in without a proper idea of what’s happening.  Also I’ll feel so much more like an actual comedy writer (and less like a jumped up 16 year old) with a whiteboard; all the writers’ rooms I’ve ever seen or been in have a whiteboard somewhere.  16224396_8848a53a9b_z

However, I have come across a slight hurdle, and that is publicising the podcast.  There’s this blog, which I hope people are looking at (although the statistics tell me otherwise) but other than that (apart from telling my friends) there’s not much else I can do.  If anyone has any ideas as to how to actually publicise a podcast, feel free (that means please I’m begging you) to comment below.  Also, if you do happen to stumble onto this website, please do recommend it/suggest it to your friends!  It makes the difference between having 1 person (i.e. my mum) listening to my podcast to as many people as possible checking it out.

Thanks 🙂

Harry x


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