Bathing in the light at the end of the tunnel!

Big News: I’ve finished writing the scripts.  It’s been just under a year and 6 scripts down and 18/26 exams down I feel like I’ve come a long way.   Today I read back the first episode, and then looked at the last scripts, and writing this podcast has taught me so much about how to write a script well (I hope), and sketch comedy in general.

This year has been pretty full on- juggling GCSEs and doing lots of writing (other projects as well as this podcast) turned out to be much tougher than I’d imagined, which made putting the final full stop on the last line of the last script so much more satisfying.  It was made even more special by the fact that when writing this podcast I banned myself from listening to two of my favourite songs (‘She’s a Rainbow’ and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ by the Rolling Stones, if you’re interested), because I thought a desperation to listen to them again would stir up creativity.  It actually sort of worked- which was quite good, and pressing play on them again was the best feeling.  When I started this podcast I had one goal in life: to get on SNL and write sketch comedy forever.  Now my goal is pretty much the same, albeit with more history in the mix, but it feels so much more achievable.

I think the best advice someone gave me during me writing this podcast was my Mum, who said (blatantly ripping off most writers’ advice, I might add) “Write what you know about.”  Therefore interspersed at random intervals throughout this podcast are sketches about what I know: growing up in a very middle class atmosphere in England, the political atmosphere of 2016/17 (there is one sketch about the Lib Dems which is slightly out of date, but I think the idea holds true), and about being a woman.  It might seem that the podcast is a little heavy with these ideas, but to tell you the truth, I write a thousand times better when I’m writing about things I care about, and when I have an agenda.  I think that’s true for most creative endeavours I have- if I care about something, I’m more likely to be willing to exert the enormous amount of the energy it takes to create it than if I don’t care about it.

It’ll be strange not to have this podcast not to write anymore, but I’m going to continue writing sketch comedy (my one true love) in my free time, and also some other stuff.


Updates will come about release date and any other advances,

Harry x

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