I’ve booked the studio to record the final bit of the podcast for the week after next, and then it’s all edit edit edit until we finally release it!   It seems simple, right?  Not so.

It wasn’t until I was flicking through my scripts to see which bits I might want to practise especially before recording them that I saw that in not one, not two, but three sketches I have to do an accent for the game of the sketch to work.

Now, one of these accents is an Essex accent, and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty hooked on Love Island at the moment, so that should be OK (hopefully).

The second of the accents is a Southern/country singer sort of accent, which I can do sometimes, and sometimes not.  This one does have the tendency to morph into an Australian accent, I’ll be honest.  However with this sketch, due to the way the sketch works, actually doesn’t have to be perfect, so I should be able to work with what I’ve got.

The third one however, is a Russian accent.  I wrote this sketch when I was working on my impressions every day and I could do accents pretty well, but I just tried to do a Russian accent and it just doesn’t sound right.  So I’m just going to have to talk in a Russian accent for the next week and a bit to try to nail it- and it’s important to the game of the sketch that this one is passably good.

So, I’m sorry in advance if I insult the populations of Russia, Essex and the USA for my horrific accents,

Harry 🙂 Image result for recording


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